We Only Make Great Olive Oil

It's Not Everyday That a Flavor Can Transport You.

Really move you. Back to a memory of some far-off land where the imagery is so sharp, so piquant, that it’s as if you never left. That’s what great olive oil does.

It’s a tabletop tribute to health and longevity. It beckons new life out of ordinary dishes. It keeps the wine flowing and the conversation exhilarated.

To Achieve This Enchanting Flavor Requires a Farmer's Devotion.

Which is why our process doesn’t start at the olive. It starts at the seed. We’ve built our groves from seedlings. Nurtured each tree until it bore worthy fruit. And, each time we crush and juice our olives, it’s within hours of being picked from the tree.

Every bottle we adorn with our
name is great olive oil.

We know because we were there, every step of the way, from Tree to Table.